Introducing Our New Partner of Consumer Product!

We would like to welcome CHEN Zhan, our Partner of Consumer Product!

We’re expanding our family to increase user adoption, and improve the user experience of our dApp and future consumer products. We’re also gearing up to move onto NEO MainNet.

Zhan is an experienced product manager and a patent owner. Before joining the QLC family, he was the Senior Project Manager of Tencent, a Chinese company specializing in various Internet-related services and products, entertainment, artificial intelligence, and technology. He worked in the Instant Messaging Products Division and was responsible for innovative research work for QQ PC by updating the optimization of function modules, and research and implementation of new programs.

Before working for Tencent, Zhan worked at Cheetah Mobile for three years as the product manager. Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile internet company that aims to provide leading apps for mobile users worldwide and connects users with personalized content powered by artificial intelligence. During his tenure he was able to accumulate over millions of users on the network and managed over 600 million global MAUs in more than 200 countries, of which around 77% of the users are located in Europe and the U.S.

Please help us to share a warm welcoming to Chen Zhan!